D-Star Nets

W5ZDN D-Star Gateway Status 146.98–
(located near the TSTC campus in Waco)

The following radio programming will get D-Star-registered amateurs in the HOTARC area on the repeater, gateway, and all reflector nets.

Frequency:   146.98 MHz
Offset:   – 600 MHz
Your:   CQCQCQ
RPT1:   W5ZDN^^C
RPT2:   W5ZDN^^G

     NOTE: The caret "^" represents a space.

For others, visit the D-Star Calculator.

D-Star Reflector Net Schedules

Texas D-Star Net

  • Day: Every Tuesday
  • Time: 2000 (8pm) CT-USA
  • Reflector: 4B
  • Purpose: General D-Star net

W6DHS D-Star / D*Star Net

  • Day: Every Thursday
  • Time: 2200 (10pm) CT-USA
  • Reflector: 1C
  • Purpose: General D-Star net followed up with a D*Chat Session

Southeastern and Gulf States Weather Net

  • Day: Every Sunday
  • Time: 2000 (8pm) CT-USA
  • Reflector: 2A
  • Purpose: Discuss weather related issues involving the Atlantic and Gulf states

NOTE: Once you are registered on the D-Star Gateway there is nothing you need to do to participate in the reflector nets—other than to program your radio as given above.


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