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Technician License
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March 30, 2019
8:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Feb 2019 calendar class flyer
If you are interested in earning your amateur radio license with HOTARC's help, please complete and "submit" the following simple form. This does not commit you in any way, but will "get the ball rolling," and allow us to contact you with some recommended steps and web links.

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— Note —

  • There is NO COST to attend this session, and in fact, HOTARC members will spring for a free lunch to those who particpate in the discussions. We ask only that you let us know that you plan to attend—which will reserve your seat, and allow us to plan for your lunch and snacks, and other consumables we may use during the session. Please submit your registration info on this screen, and we will add you to the roster.
  • To pass the exam will require study of some technical concepts and FCC rules. We will share some excellent materials to recommend that are available online. This pre-class reading is really essential for a successful experience with our class AND to pass the FCC exam.
  • At the conclusion of the afternoon portion of our class session, Volunteer Examiners will administer the FCC Technician Class exam right at the Workshop site. This exam has a separate $15 fee and two-photo-ID requirement. See the HOTARC web site for more details about our exam sessions.
  • We have worked hard to distill the learning experience down to an enjoyable, fast-paced session. Please circle this Saturday date on your calendar and plan to attend!


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