Official Newsletter for the
Heart O’ Texas Amateur Radio Club
Waco, Texas


Volume XLIII, Number 1

January 2018


Meeting at the New Waco-McLennan County Emergency Operations Center

by Ed Hynan, KC5KNI
McLennan County Emergency Coordinator

Frank Patterson, Emergency Manager for Waco-McLennan County, has invited the members of the Heart O’ Texas Amateur Radio Club to hold their January meeting at the new Waco-McLennan County Emergency Operations Center (EOC). The meeting will be on Thursday, January 25, 2018 at 7:00 PM. The location of the EOC is the old Waco Police Department Building at 4th Street and Waco Drive. Parking is available in the lot in front of the building, between 4th and 5th streets.

Amateur radio and HOTARC are the primary source for back-up emergency communications for the EOC in the event of a major disaster. Plan to attend the meeting to see where everything will come together for this type of situation. Learn how amateur radio can fit into different emergency situations for the city and the county. Come and see where the Baker’s Dozen Weather Net will operate in times of severe weather activation!


For the Record



Welcome to 2018! I hope that all of you had a great holiday season sharing time with friends and family. I’d like to thank the HOTARC 2017 Officers and Directors for giving of their time and knowledge, and welcome the new 2018 Officers and Directors. I have learned that serving the Club requires time and dedication, so we appreciate all you do to support the Club.

We will have several special events this year, starting with Skywarn 2018 on February 3rd. Check our online calendar for times and location. I hope to see all of you there.

It was suggested at the last meeting that we should participate in more contests, so I have started posting some of the contests on our HOTARCWaco facebook page. For example, the International Grid Chase and Winter Field Day. Contesting can be a fun way to try new things as amateur radio operators!

So, I have new personal goals: to obtain my Extra ticket this year and learn to use a straight key! It should be entertaining, to say the least! I suggest all of you find at least one new thing to try this year. It could be contesting, satellite contacts, moon bounce, a digital mode, Morse Code, or whatever. Ask around, and I’m sure you can find several members who would be happy to be your Elmer.

I hope to see you at the McLennan County Emergency Management building located at 4th Street and Waco Drive for our January meeting, hosted by Frank Patterson, Emergency Manager.

Lynn Gustafson, KD5DZU
HOTARC President


For the Record


HOTARC Meeting of Members
November 30, 2017

President Lynn Gustafson, KD5DZU called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. in the W5NCD Workshop Meeting Room. This was an annual membership meeting primarily to elect new officers for 2018.

Bill Feltenberger, KD5UEW opened the meeting with a prayer.

13 members were present. Two visitors were also present: J. B. and Barbara Leutwyler

Last Meeting Minutes. A motion to accept the Minutes of the October 26, 2017 as published in the HOTLINE was made by Bill Feltenberger, KD5UEW; seconded by Ed Hynan, KC5KNI and unanimously approved.

Treasurer’s report. Drew Dickenson, KE5UBO motioned to accept the Treasurer’s report; seconded by Bill Feltenberger, KD5UEW and was approved by the membership.

Committee Reports:

·         ARES. Ed Hynan, KC5NI reported he had several members participating in ARES as Net Controllers. He wants to establish a firm list so that a schedule for the Controllers can be published about December 15. Also, Skywarn is scheduled for Saturday, February 3, 2018 for Basic and Advanced training. If you are interested in being a member of ARES, contact Ed at or 254-722-4578.

The Treasurer Reports...


Heart O’ Texas Amateur Radio Club
Treasurer’s Report, Nov-Dec 2017

Starting Balance







Total Income





Total Expenses


Ending Balance


Uncleared activity:





 License class


Amount in acct. as of



Includes Flower Fund:


Submitted by
Norris Martin, KB5SLI
HOTARC Treasurer

·         Trailer Committee. Keith Adams, KG5AWC not present. Lynn Gustafson, KD5DZU reported that Clint Anderson, AE5CA had published a list of maintenance needed to be accomplished on the trailer by the Committee. These will need to be addressed in the next year.

·         Repeater Committee. Clint Anderson, AE5CA reported that APRS computer was interrogated by Russian IP’s. He changed the Port to a new assignment and indicated no new activity has been observed. He plans to re-image the computer and is exploring a change to another router firewall. Lynn proposed use of an “Ally Blocker” which was of interest to members. Clint indicated other improvements were under consideration. D-Star is working, however there is no internet capability at this time.

·         Broadband HamNet. No change in the current status.

·         Website. John Chamberlain, AC5JC not present. Lynn confirmed website is working fine.

·         ATV. David Bush, W5NCD reported that he is continuing work on the project with success.

·         Education Committee. Clint Anderson, AE5CA reported anticipating a Technician Class about March 2018.

·         Public Relations. Dwan Needham, KE5JWY not present. No report.

·         Special Events Coordinator. Jim Stovall, KG5KGV announced Christmas party at Golden Corral.

Old Business

·         Trailer Repairs. Task discussed earlier by the trailer committee and will be addressed further next year.

·         Volunteers for Custodial Detail. Lynn Gustafson, KD5DZU reminded all members that there is a need for volunteers to help with cleanup of the W5NCD meeting room before each meeting.

New Business

·         Field Day for 2018. Lynn Gustafson, KD5DZU encouraged membership to begin planning and establish ideas for new things to do/demonstrate. Clint Anderson, AE5CA led a discussion regarding a new location; membership preferred to stay at Hewitt Park for 2018. Clint will coordinate the reservations for the Park for Field Day. Clint and Lynn shared some results of the 2017 Field Day performance. One notable observation was that HOTARC was in the top five in our North Texas Region. Results can be viewed on the ARRL website.

·         Christmas Party. Lynn Gustafson, KD5DZU reminded membership about the Christmas party at Golden Corral, Saturday, December 2.

·         Emergency Operations Center. Ed Hynan, KC5NI reported that the EOC has moved from City Hall to the old Police building on 4th and Waco Drive. Frank Patterson (Emergency Management Chief) has requested HOTARC hold their January meeting at the new facility. A program to inform HOTARC members about EOC and the role of Amateur Radio in Emergency Management will be provided. It was unanimous to hold the next meeting at the new EOC facility. Clint Anderson, AE5CA proposed that HOTARC establish an alternate EOC with necessary resources and operate within W5NCD. David Bush will coordinate with Larry Bush about supporting this initiative.

·         HF Contesting. An inquiry was made about interest in participating in Contesting by the HOTARC. Lynn Gustafson, KD5DZU proposed membership take initial steps to plan this activity in the New Year.

·         Bearathon. Plan for supporting about March 24.


·         Quorum. Bill Feltenberger, KD5UEW verified that a quorum of HOTARC Full Members was present.

·         Nominating Committee. Drew Dickenson (KE5UBO), Dwan Needham (KE5JWY), and Keith Adams (KG5AWC) posted in the HOTLINE the initial nomination list:

o   For President: James Stovall, KG5KGV

o   For Vice President: Mike Needham, WB7SKK

o   For Secretary: Dan Hapenney, AG5HF

o   For Treasurer: Norris Martin, KB5SLI

o   For Director 2020: Keith Adams, KG5AWC

·         Nominations for Officers. Because James Stovall was an Associate Member instead of a Full Member; he was ineligible to be considered for office. The following nominations were made.

o   For President: Lynn Gustafson, KD5DZU having agreed to a second term was nominated to a second term as President. Nominations closed and seconded.

o   For Vice-President: Mike Needham, WB7SKK was nominated. Nominations closed and seconded.

o   For Secretary: Dan Hapenney, AG5HF was nominated. Nominations closed and seconded.

o   For Treasurer: Norris Martin, KB5SLI was nominated. Nominations closed and seconded.

o   For Director 2020: Keith Adams, KG5AWC was nominated. Nominations closed and seconded.

·         Ed Hynan, KC5NI made a motion to close nominations and seconded by Drew Dickenson KE5UBO. Members unanimously agreed.

·         Secretary Dan Hapenney, AG5HF in accordance with By-Laws cast a vote for each of the Nominees as listed in the above list:

o   Lynn Gustafson, KD5DZU for President

o   Mike Needham, WB7SKK for Vice-President

o   Dan Hapenney, AG5HF for Secretary

o   Norris Martin, KB5SLI for Treasurer

o   Keith Adams, KG5AWC for Director 2020

·         President Lynn Gustafson, KD5DZU declared elections completed and identified the new officers and their positions for the New Year of 2018.

Meeting Adjournment

·         Clint Anderson, AE5CA moved for adjournment. Lynn Gustafson, KD5DZU adjourned the meeting at 8:10 pm.

Submitted by
Dan Hapenney, AG5HF


Skywarn 2018

by Ed Hynan, KC5KNI
McLennan County Emergency Coordinator

Make your plans to attend SKYWARN 2018 on Saturday, February 3, 2018, at the McLennan Community College Emergency Service Education Center. The basic session will run from 9AM ares_logo_hi_restill Noon and the advanced session will start at skywarn.gif1PM and run until 4PM. Mark Fox and staff from the Fort Worth Office of the National Weather Service will travel to Waco–McLennan County to present the annual severe weather training program. Coffee and donuts will be provided. Plan to attend, even if you have attended in the past. A refresher on storm spotting and reporting techniques will benefit everyone and will serve to prepare the spotters of the Bakers Dozen Weather Net for another storm season. Baker’s Dozen storm spotters should plan on attending at least every other year.

Notification of Spotter Activation by National Weather Service (NWS):

Mark Fox provided the following instructions for collecting data for spotter notifications. If you are not currently receiving notifications of activations please go to the link below.

Please fill out this form:

Good training and continued excellent spotter participation should see us through the severe weather season.


Technician License Classes

by Clint Anderson, AE5CA
HOTARC Past-President

Members of the Heart O’ Texas Amateur Radio Club will be conducting classes for anyone interested in obtaining a Technician Class amateur radio license. This is the entry level license into the world of ham radio. The class will be held on two Saturdays: February 10 and February 24. The class will run from 9:00 AM to about 4:00 PM each day, with a VE testing session on February 24. The classes will be at the W5NCD Workshop at 12772 Chapel Rd, Lorena, TX 76655. cost of the class is $35 which includes the textbook, lunch and snacks both days. An additional fee of $15 will be required for the test.

To sign up visit the HOTARC website to register online. Complete the registration form, and prepay for the class (using PayPal, if you like). A limited number of scholarships are available for youth 18 and under for the Class. Contact Clint Anderson, AE5CA with any questions.


Special Event APRS Installation

by Clint Anderson, AE5CA
HOTARC Past-President

On January 13, Clint Anderson AE5CA with help from Don Alsup AI5AI and Felix Palkin KG5AWL installed a new Special Events Digipeater at the W5ZDN repeater site in Eddy. This new digipeater utilizes a set of preselector duplexer cavities that allow the 145.150 repeater and the new 147.500 special event digipeater to share a common feedline and antenna. This “sharing of a feedline” has been successfully used for years at the Eddy tower site for the 147.24 W5NCD repeater and 144.390 APRS. Our thanks to Larry Bush W5NCD for providing the duplexer cavities.

The new digipeater is connected to the same computer used for the 144.390 APRS digipeater. This gives us I-Gate capability for the special event digipeater. The power supply for the new digipeater is connected to a web-controlled power strip. This 1) Allows the special events digipeater to be turned On and Off from anywhere using the web interface! 2) Eliminates the need to travel to the repeater site to manually swap out equipment and take the 147.24 repeater offline during our special events. And 3) gives us the ability to use the 144.390 Digipeater and the 147.24 repeater during our Special Events.

We will be periodically testing and fine tuning this new capability during the upcoming months. The next planned use of this capability will be the Waco Wild West special event this fall, although other opportunities may arise before that.

While installing this system we ran sweeps through the existing duplexer for the 145.15 repeater and verified the duplexer tuning has not shifted since it was installed.

Field Day 2018

by Clint Anderson, AE5CA
HOTARC Past-President

With the current cold weather streak, it is hard to believe, but Field Day will be here before we know it! This year Field Day is June 23 and 24. Please mark your calendars and plan to attend HOTARC’s Field Day 2018. We have reserved Hewitt Park again this year for our Field Day site.


The HOTLINE is the monthly newsletter of the Heart O’ Texas Amateur Radio Club (HOTARC), Inc., a nonprofit corporation, chartered by the State of Texas and principally located in Waco. It is permissible to use any of the original material contained herein, provided proper credit is given to the source.
Edited and Published by John Chamberlain AC5JC, AC5JC@arrl.Net

HOTARC 2018 Board of Directors

President: Lynn Gustafson KD5DZU

Vice Pres: Mike Needham WB7SKK,

Secretary: Dan Hapenney AG5HF

Treasurer: Norris Martin KB5SLI,

Past‑Pres.: Clint Anderson AE5CA,

Director (2018): Terry Williams KD5KJU,

Director (2019): Ed Hynan KC5KNI,

Director (2020): Keith Adams KG5AWC,

Club Repeaters

145.15 MHz (input at –600 kHz, tone 123 Hz)

146.98 MHz (input at –600 kHz, D-Star)

442.875 MHz (input at +5.0 MHz, tone 123 Hz)

VE Testing

The HOTARC VEs will conduct a test session on January 27, 2018 in the Baylor University's Rogers Engineering and Computer Science Building, upstairs in Room 207. Test takers will need to provide 1)  testing fee of $15 (cash only); 2) a photo ID (two for first-time licensees). Additionally, already licensed amateurs also must provide: 3) Reference copy or photocopy of current license; and 4) photocopy of any relevant CSCE. Contact: Linda Hynan, AC5QQ at 254‑666‑4873 or


Meeting Notice

HOTARC will hold its Annual Meeting of Members at 7:00 pm on Thursday January 25 at a Special Location: the Waco-McLennan County Emergency Operations Center. Meetings generally last about 75 minutes consisting of fellowship, general Club business, and an interesting program and discussions. Visiting hams, family members, and prospective hams are welcomed!