Official Newsletter for the
Heart O’ Texas Amateur Radio Club
Waco, Texas


Volume XLIII, Number 3

March 2018


Bearathon — March 24, 2018

Clint Anderson, AE5CA
HOTARC Past President


HOTARC is providing communications support for the Baylor Bearathon again this year. The Bearathon is Saturday March 24. We are needing 20 volunteers to fully staff this event. Most stations would need to have volunteers in place around 7:00 am to support the race start of 8:00 am. The entire event should be over and done by noon.

Please make every effort to help us out this year. Contact Clint Andreson, AE5CA at if you are able to help. Thanks! (See this event on our News page for the latest info.)



For the Record


HOTARC Meeting of Members
February 22, 2018

Vice President Mike Needham WB7SKK called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. in the W5NCD Workshop Meeting Room.

Bill Feltenberger, KD5UEW opened the meeting with a prayer.

18 members were present. Two visitors were also present: John Green W9CJX and Barbara Leutwyler

Last Meeting Minutes. A motion to accept the Minutes of the January 25, 2018 as published in the HOTLINE was made by Bill Feltenberger, KD5UEW; seconded by Arthur Brown K5RMI and unanimously approved.

Treasurer’s Report. Norris Martin KB5SL reported a current balance of $10,834.72. Bill Feltenberger KD5UEW moved the report be accepted as read and was approved by the membership.

Committee Reports:

·         ARES: Ed Hynan KC5NI reported the meeting at the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) last month was successful with good attendance. Skywarn training had 27 Ham operators in attendance. Cost to the club was about $17 and HEB covered the balance. Ed also indicated that the severe weather season is coming up and for ARES members to be aware and be prepared. If you are interested in being a member of ARES, contact Ed at or 254-722-4578.

·         Trailer Committee: Keith Adams KG5AWC not present. Clint Anderson AE5CA had published a list of maintenance needed to be accomplished on the trailer by the committee and that it is not ready for supporting special events, emergency operations or even Field Day. He recommended a work schedule requiring several workdays to address the repairs. David Bush KC5UOZ initiated a lengthy discussion on the nature of the needed repairs and encouraged the committee to address these this month. Dwan Needham KE5JWY masterfully organized a committee of volunteers to work Saturday, March 3 from 10:00am to noon. There was additional discussion about installing power pole blocks at each work station. Clint moved to authorize $350 to purchase 3 power blocks; seconded by Bill Feltenberger KD5UEW and approved unanimously. Mike Needham WB7SKK took the action to procure these items.

The Treasurer Reports...


Heart O’ Texas Amateur Radio Club
Treasurer’s Report, February 2018

Starting Balance




$  0.09

 Education Committee




Total Income



 Education Committee

($ 118.96)

 Repeater Power Switch




Total Expenses


Ending Balance


Uncleared activity:



 Education Committee




 Flower fund


Amount in acct. as of



Includes Flower Fund:


Submitted by
Norris Martin, KB5SLI
HOTARC Treasurer

·         Repeater Committee: Clint Anderson AE5CA reported that the repeaters are working well. DSTAR is working local only at this time. Weather Service requested the Echo Link be setup; however, this is in work at this time.

·         Broadband Hamnet: No change.

·         Website: John Chamberlain AC5JC reported website is working fine.

·         ATV: David Bush KC5UOZ reported that he is continuing work on the project with success.

·         Education Committee: Clint Anderson AE5CA reported no activity in March 2018.

·         Public Relations: Dwan Needham KE5JWY reported nothing new at this time.

·         Special Events: Clint Anderson AE5CA reported support for the upcoming Bearathon on March 24; details were covered in the Program after the business meeting. Also Field Day preparations have begun by Clint and Dwan. Regarding T-shirts for Field Day, Dwan will provide a design for consideration by the membership.

Old Business

·         Field Day. Clint Anderson AE5CA reported that reservations for Hewitt Park have been made.

New Business

·         W5NCD Net Control Center. Clint Anderson AE5CA reviewed interests and goals to setup a capability for supporting EOC operations as a backup to be located in the current W5NCD radio room. David Bush KC5UOZ indicated that the owner, Larry Bush W5NCD is agreeable to this. Clint wants a committee to do the planning and execution of this project.

·         Bearathon. Will be covered in the Program after the meeting.

·         Audit Committee. Norris Martin KB5SL requested a committee to complete an audit of HOTARC finances. Dwan Needham KE5JWY will lead the committee.

Meeting Adjournment

Ed Hynan KC5KNI moved for adjournment. Vice President Mike Needham WB7SKK adjourned the meeting at 7:46 pm.


Clint Anderson AE5CA provided a plan to support the Bearathon and introduced Collin Vanecek, Baylor Campus Promotions Co-Chair. Collin reviewed HOTARC participation in the Bearathon.

Submitted by
Dan Hapenney, AG5HF


McLennan County ARES—
How Do We Stack Up?

by Ed Hynan, KC5KNI
McLennan County Emergency Coordinator

ares_logo_hi_resWhile HOTARC has not had to operate from the EOC and while we have not had a major local emergency requiring lengthy Amateur Radio support, this type of situation is what ARES is all about. How do we stack-up in preparation for an event like this?


·         We practice with weekly training nets.

·         We have dedicated Net Control support for events.

·         We provide support to National Weather Service upon activation.

·         We participate in public service events which provides real time non-scripted training.

·         We require specialized training for storm spotting and disaster response.

·         We explore new technologies that can have direct impact on disaster response.

·         We have a process for amateurs to register for disaster response support .


·         We have only about 20% of our membership qualified to support disaster response operations through either DPS or Emergency Management.

·         Every member of HOTARC is NOT a registered member of ARES.

All in all, we stack-up pretty well. But waiting for a disaster to happen is not the time to realize that we have to follow-through and complete the process to insure that we will have sufficient operators to fulfill required positions in support of our local community should a disaster happen here. We have made progress here as we have now requested EOC access for seven of our Monday Net Controls. Every member of HOTARC should be a member of ARES. Those wanting to work disaster response must complete the process of registering with DPS and/or Emergency Management to get the necessary background checks and credentials so that WHEN THE DISASTER HAPPENS we can slip into the necessary positions and support our community.


From a XYL’s/Woman’s Point of View

by Dwan Needham, KE5JWY

Hello, for those of you that don’t know me, I am Dwan Needham and my call sign is KE5JWY. While I’ve been a ham for several years, there is still a lot that is new, or shall I say sometimes “over my head.” It was not easy for me to get my ticket. I just couldn’t grasp all the content. But finally, one day it all came together and here I am!

We (my husband Mike WB7SKK and I) moved to Hewitt almost 8 years ago and it took us a while to get involved with HOTARC. We are so glad that our schedules have now settled down so that we could join the club. At first there were not many women coming to the meetings (and sometime still aren’t) but I do my best to attend every meeting. I can usually count on Ruth being there. It’s always fun to see other women join the club and start attending meetings and events.

Recently, we attended the SkyWarn training here in Waco. Highly recommended! You see, I was terrified of tornados. As a child in Dallas, I lived through the 50’s “twin” tornados. After that, just the mention of a tornado and I was looking for the nearest closet! ...until about 31 years ago, when Mike took me to my first Skywarn training. I was so fortunate to be taught by the legendary Harold Taft, and later by Alan Muller who, with his garden hose explanation of atmospheric lift, I helped me begin to understand the nature of the beast. Now I have a deep respect for the formation of tornados and the conditions that help to develop them. I wish EVERYONE would attend these sessions as they are extremely educational, and, as a ham, the info we are able to pass on to the National Weather Bureau and help provided to our communities is most gratifying and rewarding. As we move into our storm season, please take the time to pray for the protection of our storm chasers and hams that are out “in the elements” helping keep our community safe.

So, until next time I’ll say 73s and hope to see you at this month’s meeting. Oh, and if you don’t know me yet, please come up and introduce yourself to me. I might ask what you’re call sign is, but I promise I won’t bite.


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HOTARC 2018 Board of Directors

President: Lynn Gustafson KD5DZU

Vice Pres: Mike Needham WB7SKK,

Secretary: Dan Hapenney AG5HF

Treasurer: Norris Martin KB5SLI,

Past‑Pres.: Clint Anderson AE5CA,

Director (2018): Terry Williams KD5KJU,

Director (2019): Ed Hynan KC5KNI,

Director (2020): Keith Adams KG5AWC,

Club Repeaters

145.15 MHz (input at –600 kHz, tone 123 Hz)

146.98 MHz (input at –600 kHz, D-Star)

442.875 MHz (input at +5.0 MHz, tone 123 Hz)

VE Testing

The HOTARC VEs will NOT conduct a test session in March or April. Maybe in which time test takers will need to provide 1) testing fee of $15 (cash only); 2) a photo ID (two for first-time licensees). Additionally, already licensed amateurs also must provide: 3) Reference copy or photocopy of current license; and 4) photocopy of any relevant CSCE. Contact: Linda Hynan, AC5QQ at 254‑666‑4873 or


Meeting Notice

HOTARC will hold its Annual Meeting of Members at 7:00 pm on Thursday March 22 at the W5NCD Workshop, 12772 Chapel Rd in Lorena. Meetings generally last about 75 minutes consisting of fellowship, general Club business, and an interesting program and discussions. Visiting hams, family members, and prospective hams are welcomed!