Official Newsletter for the
Heart O’ Texas Amateur Radio Club
Waco, Texas


Volume XLII, Number 11

Nov-Dec 2017


Annual Meeting

John Chamberlain, AC5CV

Here’s an “unofficial” list of nominees provided to me for the open positions in the 2018 Board of Directors:

·        President                       James Stovall KG5KGV

·        Vice-President               Mike Needham WB7SKK

·        Secretary                       Dan Hapenney AG5HF

·        Treasurer                      Norris Martin KB5SLI

·        Director (thru 2020)      Keith Adams KG5AWC

·        Past President                Lynn Gustafson KD5DZU

This is subject to change, since I’ve received no communications from the Nominating Commitee.

The November-December Meeting of Members is designated as the Annual Meeting, according to our by-laws, at which the next year’s officers and the new Director are elected. Please plan to attend this important meeting!


For the Record



I would like to thank each of your for supporting HOTARC during my tenure as President this past year. I have greatly enjoyed working with all of you on our many endeavors. This club is truly rich with talent and skills. We have many Elmers that are willing to help others learn as they grow in the hobby.

Per the Club bylaws, our Nomination Committee has assembled a list of individuals who will continue to lead our Club into 2018. Please attend the Annual Meeting on November 30th. During this meeting the nominated Officers and Director will be officially elected into office.

Also on December 2, HOTARC will hold our annual Christmas Luncheon, at Golden Corral. This is a great time to see everyone and enjoy a great meal. There will be door prizes: some traditional, and some not. 😊

Merry Christmas to all!!

Lynn Gustafson, KD5DZU
HOTARC President



2017 HOTARC Christmas Luncheon

for HOTARC Members and their Families

Come enjoy a Dutch Treat dinner at the Golden Corral in Waco

Great Fellowship! Door Prizes! Huge variety of food selections!

Noon, December 2, 2017: 618 N Valley Mills Dr. in Waco

For the Record


HOTARC Meeting of Members
October 26, 2017

Vice President Bill Feltenberger KD5UEW called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. in the W5NCD Workshop Meeting Room.

7 members were present.

Meeting Minutes. A motion to accept the Minutes of the meeting for September 28, 2017 as published in the HOTLINE was made by Arthur Brown K5RMI; seconded by Drew Dickenson KE5UBO and unanimously approved.

Treasurer’s Report. A motion to accept the Treasury Report as recorded in the HOTLINE was made by Arthur Brown K5RMI; seconded by Drew Dickenson KE5UBO and unanimously approved.

Committee Reports:

·         ARES: No Report, KC5KNI, Ed Hynan was out of town

·         Trailer Committee: No Report, KD5DZU was out of town. Lynn had reported last month that much work is needed to get the trailer ready for emergency work (e.g., coax, HF beam antenna). Clint Anderson AE5CA gave an informal report that 3 members, Clint, Dan and David showed up on the work day that was scheduled on October 14, 2017 to see what all needed to be done. Clint reported some of their findings. Clint said he would email the list to the Board Members to start things off.

The Treasurer Reports...


Heart O’ Texas Amateur Radio Club
Treasurer’s Report, October 2017

Starting Balance







Total Income





Website hosting


PO Box rent


Total Expenses


Ending Balance


Uncleared activity:

PayPal Fees




Amount in acct. as of



Includes Flower Fund:


Submitted by
Norris Martin, KB5SLI
HOTARC Treasurer

·         Repeater Committee: AE5CA reported that our three repeaters are working well and have been reprogrammed back to their normal status after WWCBR.

·         Broadband Hamnet: AE5CA reported that the Mesh system is still operating O.K.

·         Website: No report, John Chamberlain AC5CV was out of town.

·         ATV: David Bush KC5UOZ reported that everything is as normal on ATV. He has completed his digital ATV project and will be showing it tonight

·         Education Committee: AE5CA reported tentative plans for a Spring Technician class date to be determined.

·         Public Relations: No report.

·         Special Events: No report.

Old Business

·         None discussed.

New Business

·         Bearathon will probably be our next special event. Then Field Day.

Meeting Adjournment

·         KD5UEW recognized a motion to adjourn the meeting by KE5UBO, Drew, second by K5RMI, Arthur at 7:18 pm.


The program this meeting was our annual “Homebrew Night.”

1. KD5UEW, Bill Feltenberger gave a presentation on antennas and power distribution.

2. AE5CA, Clint Anderson spoke about trackers and using raspberry pi computers.

3. KC5UOZ, David Bush talked about digital amateur TV.

Respectfully submitted by
Terry Williams, KD5KJU
Substitute Secretary


Request for ARES Net Control Station Volunteers

by Ed Hynan, KC5KNI
McLennan County Emergency Coordinator

ares_logo_hi_resI have four volunteers to serve as Net Controls for 2018. Ideally, every member of ARES should be able to act as a Net Control station in an emergency.

The ARES / Bakers Dozen Training Net is held each Monday night at 8 PM on the 145.15 Repeater. I would like to provide this excellent training opportunity to all current members of McLennan County ARES.

Current volunteers are KC5KNI, KA5QKL, AC5CV, and KE5UBO. These individuals have done an excellent job and the nets have run very smoothly this year and have stepped up to the plate again for 2018. I need to hear from the rest of the 2017 Net Controls to determine if they want to participate for 2018.

For any other members, If you would like the opportunity to serve as a weekly Net Control please let me know via e-mail – . Let me know if there are any Mondays that would not be convenient (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and/or 5th). Deadline: December 10, 2017.

For those who would like to volunteer, I will add you to the 2018 Net Control schedule; provide you with a copy of the preamble, log sheet, and a letter of Instruction. If you want to participate, please let me know by 10 December 2017. This is what amateur radio is all about: preparation for emergency service.

This is the last chance to get on the schedule for 2018. I need to finalize the schedule and get it published by December 15, 2017.


The HOTLINE is the monthly newsletter of the Heart O’ Texas Amateur Radio Club (HOTARC), Inc., a nonprofit corporation, chartered by the State of Texas and principally located in Waco. It is permissible to use any of the original material contained herein, provided proper credit is given to the source.
Edited and Published by John Chamberlain AC5CV,

HOTARC 2017 Board of Directors

President: Lynn Gustafson KD5DZU

Vice Pres: Bill Feltenberger KD5UEW,

Secretary: Dan Hapenny AG5HF

Treasurer: Norris Martin KB5SLI,

Past‑Pres.: Clint Anderson AE5CA,

Director (2017): Paul Collins KG5DHS,

Director (2018): Terry Williams KD5KJU,

Director (2019): Ed Hynan KC5KNI,

Club Repeaters

145.15 MHz (input at –600 kHz, tone 123 Hz)

146.98 MHz (input at –600 kHz, D-Star)

442.875 MHz (input at +5.0 MHz, tone 123 Hz)

VE Testing

The HOTARC VEs will conduct a test session in January—date to be announced. Test takers will need to provide 1) testing fee of $15 (cash only); 2) a photo ID (two for first-time licensees). Additionally, already licensed amateurs also must provide: 3) Reference copy or photocopy of current license; and 4) photocopy of any relevant CSCE. Contact: Linda Hynan, AC5QQ at 254‑666‑4873 or


Meeting Notice

HOTARC will hold its Annual Meeting of Members at 7:00 pm on Thursday November 30 at the W5NCD Workshop, 12772 Chapel Rd in Lorena. Meetings generally last about 75 minutes consisting of fellowship, general Club business, and an interesting program and discussions. Visiting hams, family members, and prospective hams are welcomed!

HOTARC members will select the leadership for 2018 at this month’s Annual Meeting!