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Field Day 2018

W5ZDN Contest Summary
Total Contacts by Band and Mode
All stations (incl. GOTA)
Band CW Ph Dig Total  % 
40 16 107 35 158 21
20 359 128 0 487 63
15 41 24 0 65 8
10 0 58 0 58 8
70 cm 0 1* 0 1 0
Totals 416 318 35 769  
FD2018 layout at Hewitt Park

Our annual Field Day this year fell on June 23 & 24, 2018. We set up operations in Hewitt Park. ARRL-FD2018-logo

On Field Day ham radio operators across the country set up "emergency operations" and contact as many other stations as possible in a contest-like fashion. We began arriving around 10:00 AM Saturday to erect an "emergency operations center" with three radio stations capable of world-wide communications, without relying on commercial power. After a nice lunch of sandwiches and pizza, at 1:00 PM, we began operating those stations continuously, for 24 hours—wrapping up operations at 1 PM on Sunday.

Since this is also a national contest event, we used the N3FJP logging program connected via a local mesh network to document all our contacts for submission to the ARRL, and comparing our performance with other clubs and contestants. Much thanks to Clint AE5CA for setting up all the logging computers, and using a "Ham Mesh" wi-fi network that enabled a real-time analysis of our scoring—not to mention connecting each station with a live audio/video feed back to the control station set up under the Pavilion! Ain't technology great?!

We experienced an interesting wrinkle this year: Hewitt accidentally double-booked the pavilion for Saturday afternoon, so we had to share the the space for a few hours with about 50 kids and adults holding a birthday party! Flexibility! That's what dealing with emergency operations is all about, right?

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