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Have you tried to contact the ISS?

NA1SS over our area: All   Visible (Best: Max Height > 30°)

ARISS general QSO frequencies:
• Downlink (listen) for all modes: 145.80 MHz
• Uplinks: 144.49 MHz (Voice),145.825 MHz (Packet),

437.80 MHz (Cross-band voice)

NOTE: Adjust frequencies with this Doppler table

Tips from for contacting the ISS
Current reports and next passes at ISS Fan Club

David Contact: Astronaut David St-Jacques KG5FYI

Current Expedition  •  ARISS  •  Video Now
Station Images  •  Station Videos

Station Tours (2012) by Suni Williams:    1    2    3    4 

Heavens-above globe display

Current ISS Position

WACO, TX Weather
• AC5JC WX station
  (Do you have a WX station?)
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Recommended courses for all ARES members:

IS-700.B (NIMS)
IS-100.C (ICS)
IS-200.C (ICS)
IS-800.C (NRF)
IS-271.A Weather Risks
ARRL EmComm Courses

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