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Ham Coffee Break

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A few HOTARC members have a tradition. Around 8:00 AM each Saturday morning—if nothing else is scheduled—we're meeting for a cup of coffee and a chat (and brunch, anyone?) at Griff's Grill at the intersection of the nicely renovated China Springs highway and Wortham Bend Rd (beside the gas station). Club members, other hams, and guests are all welcome! Come, and join us!


2019 Waco Wild West Bike Ride   —   SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 21

Official Course Maps & Turn-by-Turn Instructions
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HOTARC provides radio communications in support of this annual event sponsored by the Waco Bicycle Club that involves several hundred participants and volunteers. This year's WWW Bike Ride will be held Saturday, September 21, 2019, starting in Indian Springs Park in downtown Waco at 8:00 am. This half-day event accommodates riders of many abilities with courses of varied lengths: 10, 25, 52, and 64 miles—supported by several rest stops, SAG vehicles, and radio communications provided by HOTARC. HOTARC members: Click the "sign up here" link above to volunteer your skills. (Non-members: contact Clint Anderson AE5CA to volunteer.)

WWW100 course map

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This event requires volunteers in the pace cars and at the many rest stops around the course. An amateur radio operator at each rest stop permits relaying of timely progress information as well as break-downs, injuries, need for supplies, and so forth. HOTARC member's APRS trackers provide GPS position data for Net Control and others to track the movements and current location of significant vehicles in real time, such as the Sherriff's pace car and SAG vehicles.

Although this event is well "planned," there are still plenty of surprises for us every year, and it is an outstanding training opportunity for a real disaster requiring radio com­mun­i­ca­tions from several remote locations—all reporting vital information back to and coordinating with a Net Control. Contact Clint Anderson AE5CA with questions about this event, and click the "sign up here" link above to volunteer your skills.

For your information, here's how we configure the APRS trackers for special event tracking (with examples from the 2015 WWW event), and the course map files (for example, from the 2016 event) used by the APRSIS program. (Note: APRSIS is easy to install; not so easy to setup and use. So, give yourself a couple of weeks to learn BEFORE your event!)

See our Special Events Archive for previous runnings of the WWW100 (aka WWWC).

HOTARC/BARC Amateur Radio Testing

ARRL-VEC patch

HOTARC and BARC (Baylor ARC) are pleased to offer ARRL VEC Amateur Radio testing for the general public, but at this time there is no testing scheduled for September 2019. Please check back here, or on our Club Calendar, or at the ARRL-VEC site to find our next VE test session.

At these test sessions, you can earn (or upgrade) your amateur radio license by simply passing a short multiple-choice exam. For some hints on preparing to pass your first ham radio exam, see our FAQ page.

Please bring with you to the test session, either:
For Your First License or For Upgrading Your License
 1) Testing fee of $15 (cash only); and
 2) Two current photo IDs.

 1) Testing fee of $15 (cash only);
 2) A current photo ID;
 3) Reference Copy How to get & print your FCC License
1. Click now for FCC ULS License Search.
2. Search your callsign; click it when found.
3. Click on Reference Copy link to start download.
4. Print the downloaded pdf.
or photocopy of
      your current FCC license; and
 4) Photocopy of any relevant CSCE * (from recent test session).

NOTE: Upgrading? We must have copies, as indicated above, for our records.

For further questions, or to let us know you plan to come,
contact Linda Hynan AC5QQ by email  OR  by phone:  254-666-4873.

*CSCE is an official proof of previously passed FCC exam(s), valid up to 1 year. If you already have your current FCC license, then we don't need the CSCE—just a photocopy or printed Reference Copy How to get & print your FCC License
1. Click now for FCC ULS License Search.
2. Search your callsign; click it when found.
3. Click on Reference Copy link to start download.
4. Print the downloaded pdf.
of the current license.
But suppose, for example, you recently passed a license exam, and the FCC has not yet issued your new FCC license. If you come to test for the next higher license, we'll need a photocopy of the CSCE as proof that you have passed the previous exam.

HOTARC Members Meeting

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Driving: Route 1Route 2Route 3

HOTARC will hold its next Meeting of Members on Thursday, September 26 at 7:00 pm. The Club meets on the fourth Thursday each month at the W5NCD Workshop near the southern end of Chapel Road in far south Waco (12772 Chapel Rd, Lorena, TX). Our meetings include a few minutes of regular business, planning for upcoming special events, entertaining radio-related discussions, usually an interesting program or presentation—and, of course, plenty of friendly fellowship with other area hams!

Otherwise, do you have a question about our Club, about our amateur radio hobby, or about using your ham radio equipment? Look over our web site, and/or attend the next Club meeting—a great opportunity to get answers, or be pointed in the right direction to find an answer. Read the current HOTLINE (issued the weekend prior to the meeting) for more details about this month's meeting. Family members and visitors—especially those interested in becoming hams or joining the Club—are always very welcome!

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