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HOTARC usually participates in a Baylor University BSA Merit Badge College held each Fall. At this event, conducted over two weekends (usually in November), merit badge counselors from all walks of life deliver classroom and field training to assist area Scouts in satisfying the requirements (or a significant portion thereof) for a variety of merit badges. HOTARC's role in this event is aimed at delivering training applicable to the Radio and Electronics merit badges. BSA logo

For the the Radio Merit Badge, at the completion of the two weekends, scouts will have addressed about 80% of the required concepts, assuming they attend both sessions and satisfactorily complete the course worksheets (or workbook) and participate in the QSOs we offer (using VHF/UHF radios). Here are some of the educational resources we have used to delivering this training:
radio merit badge
For the Electronics Merit Badge, scouts attending the two classes will complete all the requirements for the badge, assuming they satisfactorily complete the workbook and complete the kit construction.
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  • Electronics merit badge: Requirements    scout workbook (PDF)
  • PowerPoint slides: PPT (5.6 MB)    Teacher notes (PDF)
  • Electronics kit we used: a theramin kit.
    Supplier's: Assembly video   Web site
    Employs two 555 timer circuits and two light sensors that create variable sounds based on the amount of light striking each sensor. A jumper controls a loud or quiet speaker option. Runs with 9V battery.

    From Clint: I sent Patrick from an email indicating the need for 50 kits for Baylor Merit Badge College. He suggested the Theramin kits at a price of $10 per kit, $18 total shipping, and would throw in an extra kit for free. I cleared the cost with the Baylor folks, and placed the order; he sent me a PayPal invoice, I paid him, and turned in the bill to Baylor for reimbursement.

  • AE5CA web page (Nov 2013)
electronics merit badge